Custom sites
Custom sites

Some sites need a high degree of customisation with functionality on a case-by-case basis.

June 21 has successfully implemented all of the site customisation below:

  • Brand-specific designs
    According to brand identity, using specific shapes, specific interactive areas, etc.
  • Articles by section
    A number of articles (for instance different articles in a section on clothing for women if you have a fashion site).
  • High volume news
    For instance a large number of daily articles, for instance a newspaper, or posting of news links from around the web.
  • Online shopping
    June 21 provides online shops with shopping cart functionality.
  • Content libraries
    Including standard web pages and document downloads
  • Contact and / or link directories.
    Contacts to multiple individuals in an organisation and link directories to external sites that may be useful to your site users.
  • RSS feeds and other updated content
    For instance sports or financial feeds, currency indicators.
  • Polls
    Hosted on site to find out what your customers and / or stakeholders think of specific issues.
  • Limited access areas
    Special access to certain areas for your most important customers and / or stakeholders
  • Social media feeds
    For instance Facebook and / or Twitter posts appearing on your site.
  • Forms
    For instance registration and gathering of customer details.
  • Feedback
    Compliments, complaints and general comments.
  • Video playback
    Playback for videos from Youtube, Vimeo and own videos.
  • Online radio
    Live feeds of radio as it plays.
Contact usIf you need a custom site and / or you can think of any addition you might need, contact us and we will work out how we can make it possible.

If your needs are less complex, take a look at our baseline sites...