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Hosting and security

Online breaches of data integrity are becoming more and more sophisticated and threatening. June 21 recognises the value of its clients electronic presence and takes concrete steps to protect data integrity and preserve the value of a client's online presence.

A breach of integrity can cause:

  • Theft of data
  • Theft of personal and client information
  • Loss of marketing assets
  • Loss of custom software
  • Breaches of integrity of linked systems
  • Use of electronic resources (such as hard drive space or bandwidth) for illegal and illicit purposes
In order to achieve a high degree of security, June 21 only develops and manages sites on servers under its control, using security that it controls, and in an operating system and software environment that it controls.

Aspects of hosting and security include:
  • Trusted servers
    Server farms from which June 21 acquires server space regularly patch and upgrade their servers to address vulnerabilities.
  • Trusted, secure operating system
    June 21 installs a trusted, secure operating system on which it installs its own security software.
  • Operating system upgrades
    The operating system is upgraded when a stable release is made available, typically every two years. Stable releases are releases that are non-experimental, accepted as the 'official release' of an operating system which provides strong support for software components used by June 21.
  • Component patching
    Vulnerabilities become apparent in software components on a regular basis, and June 21 immediately applies patches that are released to address vulnerabilities.
  • Automated security suite
    An automated security suite routinely prevents malicious intrusion 24/7.
  • Human expertise
    When the automated security suite detects a problem that it can't manage, it will alert June 21's security expert for human intervention.
  • Site back-ups
    June 21 backs up sites and their operating systems on a regular basis. In addition June 21 also backs up the site data.
  • Storage of site back ups
    Site back ups are stored in two different places to prevent loss of data if one server is breached.
Our experience of stopping hundreds of thousands of breach attempts for large and small Namibian sites is that there is no better insurance for your online assets than excellent security and hosting.