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We are investigating ways to cost-effectively implement SSL (secure socket layer) certificates. We expect Google to up-rank search positions for sites with SSL certificates. We are also investigating PHP 7. PHP is a programming language for servers and sites. Subject to investigation, we expect implementation to speed up websites and reduce processing requirements for servers. This should contain cost escalation on processing requirements for servers controlled by June 21.

In March, we experienced a sizable increase in layer 2 attacks. This is due to spam and hacking bots searching for newly discovered Wordpress vulnerabilities. All attempts were blocked. Wordpress is a popular content management system (CMS) with known security vulnerabilities. June 21 does not use Wordpress.

Hosting and exchange rates
Due to currency volatility, June 21 is investigating SA hosting to reduce its exposure to the weakening rand.

SMS gateway
June 21 has developed an SMS gateway on request of a client, and will make this available to all clients. SMS can be used to send announcements and offers, and can be used to redirect users to site content.

Mobile browsing
Due to changing web usage patterns, all future site commissions will now include a site for smartphones. Desktop sites will be compatible with standard tablets.